Product Returns

Damaged or Missing items:

For Distributors/Promoters who place orders directly with NeoLife, it is their responsibility to take care of any shipping errors or damage on any drop shipment orders that you place for your successline Distributors/Promoters and customers as well as orders sent directly to you. You need to report these problems to your Distributor Services Representative as soon as possible. Give your Representative the Invoice Number, located in the upper right-hand corner of the packing slip that came with the shipment. Your Representative will advise you what to do with the damaged item and make arrangements for any item missing from your order. Please also refer to SHIPPING POLICIES Short and Damaged Shipments Section, page 24.

Customer guarantee:

All NeoLife Nutritional Food Supplements and Personal Care Products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the event that any NeoLife product a customer has purchased is not satisfactory to them, they may return the unused portion to the NeoLife Distributor/Promoter from whom they purchased it. The Distributor/Promoter should then find out why they are dissatisfied. (Was the taste not what they expected? Was it not filling their needs?) Offer a choice of replacement without charge; full credit toward the purchase of another NeoLife product; or a refund of the full purchase price. This guarantee does not apply to products which have been intentionally damaged or misused.

When making customer refunds, simply take back the unused portions and call your Distributor Services Representative. You will be issued a special Return Authorization number (RA#) for speedy processing. NeoLife will replace the products to you. Send the returned product to NeoLife’s shipping address (see Quick Reference information). Include your name, Distributor/Promoter Number, and RA# on a sheet of paper and enclose a note explaining why the person was dissatisfied. Allow a minimum of two weeks from the day you send the return to receive replacement.

If a customer contacts NeoLife directly, they will be referred back to the NeoLife Distributor/Promoter from whom they purchased the item. If the customer has proof of purchase and is unsuccessful in their attempt to receive a product guarantee directly from the selling NeoLife Distributor/Promoter, NeoLife reserves the right to honor the guarantee on behalf of the Distributor/Promoter and make deductions from the selling Distributors/Promoters account in accordance with this guarantee policy.

If the selling Distributor/Promoter does not want the same product replaced, we can refund their account. We will refund the full purchase price less shipping and handling and PV/BV will be deducted from their totals for the current month. If no PV/BV is in the account when RA is set up for a refund, a percentage will be deducted from total refund amount. A restocking fee may also apply (10% restocking fee). All returns should be requested within 90 days of purchase. Keep this in mind when you are figuring your monthly totals. Make a note of the PV/BV amount and adjust your records accordingly. For additional information please refer to NeoLife’s Guarantee/Exchange and Repurchase Policy on page 16 of the Policy Guide.